About Meredith Marketing Solutions

At Meredith Marketing Solutions, we’ve made it our mission to help real estate agents establish and grow their businesses in three key areas: marketing, branding, and home buying/selling systems. We understand that every agent is unique, and that’s why we take a personalized approach to our marketing strategies. By identifying an agent’s strengths and natural behaviors, we can develop a plan that will work best for them and help them achieve success.

Our philosophy is simple: just like a soldier needs the right weapon for battle, an agent needs the right marketing tools to succeed. We believe that every person has a unique purpose, and that by understanding our source (God) and ourselves, we can all achieve greatness. At Meredith Marketing Solution, we’re committed to helping real estate agents reach their full potential and achieve their dreams.

Our Mission

At Meredith Marketing Solution, we are dedicated to assisting real estate agents in achieving success in the industry without sacrificing their true selves.

Our goal is to empower agents to discover their potential and leverage their unique gifts as assets to their business. We strive to educate agents on the importance of understanding that real estate is not about competing with others, but rather with oneself and unlocking the potential for success that is inherent in all of us. With our help, agents can enjoy their lives while building a successful real estate career based on their own strengths and abilities.

Our Vision

Our vision is to see real estate agents become agents of change. These are the agent who knows their strengths and weakness as humankind was created by One and Only God. Our vision is to create a leader real estate agent who is confident about who they are.

Meredith Marketing Solutions Information

Meredith Marketing Solutions is owned by two real estate agents based in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia, Canada. Kathleen Meredith, is a newbie real estate agent but passionate and specializes in marketing. She aims to help real estate agents as they succeed by using their potential.

Kathleen is the one who primarily runs this Marketing Agency. She is a certified life coach, digital marketer and and BS Information Technology Graduate; therefore, their marketing approach is unique. However, she did not dismiss that the key to becoming successful, aside from knowledge and attitude, is understanding the truth about life.

Disclaimer: Meredith Marketing Solutions is a neutral organization that does not promote or endorse any religion or religious organization. While Kathleen may have her own personal beliefs, she has no intention of imposing them on anyone or converting anyone to her faith. As a professional, she believes that religion has no place in business conversations and will not discuss it with anyone. If the topic of religion comes up, Kathleen will simply live her life as an example and carry on with her work as usual, respecting everyone’s right to their own beliefs.

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