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Hello everyone, I wanted to bring to your attention the real estate marketing research being conducted by Meredith Marketing Solutions.

We have developed a comprehensive quiz to gather data that will assist in identifying the most appropriate marketing methods for real estate agents based on their unique personalities. The ultimate goal of this initiative is to produce a book that will provide valuable guidance to struggling agents and help them save on marketing expenses.

The research team is aiming to recruit up to 500 agents to ensure robust and reliable conclusions. I believe this is a commendable effort that could be beneficial to many agents in the industry.

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Please take a screenshot of your DISC Result once you’re done. We wanted to make sure that our research was credible.


Real Estate Agent Marketing Research
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If you still need to learn your personality type, we strongly take one before proceeding. A screenshot of result is also required for answer validity. Visit this site for your test.

Thank you for taking part in our research. Your privacy is of utmost importance to us, and we want to assure you that all your information will be kept safe and secure. After completing the quiz, our marketing strategist will analyze your responses and send you back the results. We appreciate your time and effort in helping us with our research.

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