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Please be aware that the displayed price does not include a 15% tax.
Would you like to have your own hosting plan or would you like to host with us? When you host with us, you will pay us $30 dollar a month.
Note: Hosting is the place where you store all your website files. If you have your own hosting plan, you will pay your subscription fee directly to the hosting service provider on a monthly basis. Having your own hosting plan offers more advantages than using an agency's hosting plan. We strongly recommend that you have your own hosting plan for your website.
Building a professional website is expensive, so before we can proceed to start the project, we require a $500 initial payment to ensure that you are serious about purchasing our service. Do you agree with this?
You can send the payment via Interac at [email protected]. Once we receive it, we will buy licensed digital assets for your awaited website.
Please be informed that you will not be charged for the amount mentioned immediately. All the details related to this order are available in the Website Agreement, which we will send to you once you submit this website order form. Please note that you have the option of cancelling the order at any time before making the initial payment.